Armed USA Patriots

Ready To Defend The Constitution Of The United States!

Armed USA Patriots - Ready To Defend The Constitution Of The United States!

The Social Security Act! Financially Raping Our Future and The Future Of Our Children!

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The Social Security Act was signed into law by FDR on Aug 14, 1935 and since 1937 people have been paying the tax.  So I ask you, where has all that money gone!  Sure some of it has been paid out in benefits, and of course, the government will say it has spent a bunch managing it!  But where has the rest of it gone!

Well, it’s been mismanaged by politicians who only care about their own benefits and how they can spend our money of frivolous projects that bulge the linings of their greedy little pockets!

We can’t get our money back, but we sure can stop them from spending more of it!  I think it’s time we march on the White House, and demand an accounting of their spending, or heads will roll!  Did you know that 1.4 BILLION dollars has been spent by the Obama Administration so that imbecile and his family can frolic around the world!

We have 54 million people on welfare and unemployment at an all time high and he’s wasting money left and right, and what he’s not wasting, he’s busy handing out by the billions to other countries that can hardly be considered allies! I say enough is enough! We need to put a stop to it! ASAP!

If you think they want to take away our weapons because of the high crime rate you are sadly mistaken! If we are disarmed, they can take from us as they please, and spend without our consent! If you think spending is out of control now, just think how much more they can do when they’re not restrained by the Constitution!

And I bet you’re thinking “Just because we give up our guns doesn’t mean we are giving up our Constitutional rights, too”. Well, just what is going to stop them from taking them, too? Certainly not a few thousand people running around with signs in their hand saying how unfair it is!

Wake up people! Both sides are selling us a phony bill of goods! We’re going to pay dearly for it in the near future!  And, so is our children and generations to come!

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