Armed USA Patriots

Ready To Defend The Constitution Of The United States!

Armed USA Patriots - Ready To Defend The Constitution Of The United States!


Why cant the Republicans bring obama up for IMPEACHMENT??? They brought charges against Clinton for far less than this muslim loving bastard is doing! Does he have every avenue blocked with his regime he has put together? His group should be facing charges for all their lies and fraud against the citizens of this Country! Does anyone have any answers?
Dave Massey Missouri

High Crimes and Misdemeanors or Possible Treason by Obama And His Administration!

The President, Vice President, every Member of Congress, and every Member of the Armed Services swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Anyone who signs or supports NDAA is in violation of the Constitution, and their oath, and have committed acts of High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the United States and the Constitution!  They should be tried and if found guilty, they should be removed from their positions, stripped of their pensions, and other benefits, barred from politics for life, and imprisoned.   And since we have military men and women in harms way in various countries, and have in essence, declared war on Al Qaeda,  selling arms to them would be, in my opinion, an act of treason, and would warrant the death sentence as punishment.   They should be treated no different then Julius and Ethel Rosenberg! And remember, the Rosenbergs never took the oath of office!

Sealing a Leak Story or Covering Their Butt!

We now know the Obama Administration knew who leaked information to Fox News Reporter, James Rosen, prior to the information’s release to the public because Eric Holder had the information and signed the warrant against Rpsen! We also know the Obama Administration was planing on releasing the information within days of Rosen acquiring the information. So, if they knew who leaked the information, and we know they were going to release the information themselves, one has to ask why they went after Rosen! Are we to believe they did it because they thought Rosen was a “co-conspirator” in the leak, in violation of the Espionage Act? I, for one don’t believe it! After all, they didn’t do anything when the New York Times leaked the story about Obama’s hit list! I believe it was because they knew Rosen had information, but they weren’t sure what he had. And they sure didn’t want him releasing a story that would preempt Obama’s story, or possibly, add a conservative twist to it that would rob Obama of some much needed glory in the press! Especially at a time when he was down in the polls, and facing a possible loss of the presidency! So my question is “Are they now trying to sell us a story on espionage? Or, are they creating a story to cover their butts?”. With all the other scandals coming out of this administration, I’d say it was the latter!

Liberties Infringed!

The 2nd Amendment states”…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed“.  It doesn’t say we have a right to just own guns.  An empty gun is not considered “Arms”. The definition of “Arms” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “Weapons and Ammunition”. If the government is purchasing large quantities of ammunition in order to prevent the distribution of ammunition to the general public, they are infringing on our rights under the 2nd Amendment.  We need to find a good lawyer and a federal judge with some CAJONES to file an injunction against the federal government to stop them from purchasing any more ammunition.  I think a good case could be made against them due to the fact that they not only are purchasing arms for 5.56 and other military rounds, but also rounds used by the general public at-large.

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